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Angelina Jolie Related To Her ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Character More Than You’d Expect

Angelina Jolie is opening up about how she connected to her role in her upcoming film, Those Who Wish Me Dead.

In an interview with Access, the 45-year-old shared that she related to Hannah Faber and it’s closer than you probably thought.

“I felt a little beaten up in my own life, as we all do at times, and I felt like I wasn’t holding myself together and I felt a little broken and the idea of just getting through the fire – just getting through the damn fire,” Angelina shared.

She added that “Whatever it takes, with everything coming at you, get through it, so when you feel that way as a person and you have the great opportunity to have a piece of art that you can manifest that experience and that growth through a character.”

“Quite literally, we go through that fire and it’s hot and it’s hard…when we got to the other end it did really feel like we’d done something.”

Angelina previously spoke about the change in her family situation, refencing her divorce from Brad Pitt, that prompted her to take on more on-screen roles.

Those Who Wish Me Dead will be out on May 14 on HBO Max.