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Why Xtian Dela vying for Westlands MP is a good idea

Xtian Dela has declared that he has his eye set on the Westlands parliamentary seat. He becomes the second celebrity to declare that they are thinking of vying for public office and I have to say that this is a fantastic thing indeed.

I Went Through Horror- Xtian Dela Reveals Why He Left Kiss FM Even Though He Was Being Paid Ksh 300K You see, Kenya is run by a cabal of the worst possible men and women -it’s known as a kakikostracy and we have run out of patience with the same people making promises they fail to deliver on and actually work to create calamities then pretend they are the solution to the bullshit they created.

And one of the things that we have been asking for is a change of faces and people. So when Xtian Dela announced he would be vying for office I was excited because it gives Westlands constituents a chance to choose someone fresh who can come in with new ideas and actually present an opportunity for a change.

Xtiandela and Fatma: Power coupling done right Ofcourse, there are still a lot of hurdles to surmount such as the fact that Xtian Dela is not really seen as a serious candidate because he is a celebrity who has hitherto not really shown an interest in politics.

There is also the fact that his audience is largely online and a lot of celebrities struggle to convert their followers into voters but this is a problem that others have managed to get over so he has quite a few case studies to check out and follow. ‘Some Of Us Work Hard To Run Away From Poverty’ Xtian Dela Shares Rare Throwback Picture (Photo) Another issue is the fact that Xtian Dela would be going against…

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