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Anerlisa Muigai explains why she is still childless

Anerlisa Muigai recently hinted that she was pregnant only to discover that she was giving bloggers; and gossip mongers something to keep them busy. Turns out that she is not pregnant nor is she planning to have any kids anytime soon.

This is probably because Anerlisa has not yet found a suitable partner to start a family with; especially now that her marriage to Ben Pol seems to have failed. In a new post shared by the Keroche heiress, she went on to advise young girls not to rush into having kids with their boyfriends; as kids are for life – yet relationships easy fail or rather end depending on a season.

She revealed this through a recent post where she wrote; Dear young girls. Do not get kids with somebody you are not sure about. You can date, get engaged etc, but kids? That’s a whole a** commitment. Not ready for kids? The post comes days after Millard Ayo’s close source revealed that Ben Pol had filed for a divorce from Anerlisa.

Although we do not know why their relationship failed barely a year and a half after their glamorous wedding; Anerlisa revealing that she might not want kids may be the reason why Ben Pol decided to leave. Rather your partner leaves you because you’re not sure about having kids than be forced into it. That’s just my opinion, others have different views. Check out her post below.

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