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Naked Cowboy Arrested While Panhandling in Florida, Mug Shot Released

The man known to New York City tourists as the “Naked Cowboy” was arrested over the weekend while panhandling in Florida.

The 50-year-old performer, whose real name is Robert Burck, is known for wearing just a pair of white underwear, his cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat while performing with his guitar in the middle of Times Square.

Burck was in Florida for the multi-day motorcycle event Bike Week and he was allegedly taking photos with fans near a place of business, which is against the law.

An arrest report obtained by People said that Burck was taking photos with people “approximately 10 feet away from the front door of a commercially zoned property.” This was a violation of the panhandling ordinance in Daytona Beach, which was enacted two years ago. The new ordinance prohibits panhandling “within 20 feet in any direction from any entrance or exit of commercially zoned property.”

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Naked Cowboy mug shot

Burck was arrested Saturday (March 6) on charges of “resisting an officer without violence and aggressive panhandling.”

The arrest report says the “defendant was only observed wearing a white in color underwear, and a multi-color straw hat during this incident, which caused crowds to form a circle around him, while panhandling.” The report claims that Burck “refused” to follow orders from an officer and he was “pulling away” during the arrest.

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