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Martha Stewart Reveals Why She Has Complicated Feelings About the ‘Me Too’ Movement

Martha Stewart is getting candid.

The 79-year-old entrepreneur is featured in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar for the March 2021 issue.

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Here’s what she had to say…

On her complicated feelings around the Me Too movement:

“It has been really painful for me. I’ve known almost every single one of the famous guys that has been accused and set aside. Some were certainly guilty of a lot of what was accused. But some were—it’s just their awful personalities. I am not going to mention their names, but I know those people very, very well, and you know the man just talks about sex during dinner. That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

On her prison sentence: “I knew I was strong going in and I was certainly stronger coming out. It was a very serious happening in my life. I take it very seriously. I’m not bitter about it, but…My daughter knows all the problems that resulted because of that. There’s a lot.”

On her biggest regret: “My only big regret that I can talk about is that Saturday Night Live asked me to host. My probation officer wouldn’t give me the time. That really pissed me off, because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday Night Live. I’d like that on my résumé.”

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