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Sherigu to get Shea Butter factory by July 2021

A social enterprise, Alaffia Company Limited, has cut the sod for the construction of an ultra-modern Shea butter processing factory in Sherigu, a suburb of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region to improve the livelihoods of rural women.

The project which will commence in March 2021 is expected to be operational by July 2021, creating jobs for women in the area and actors within the Shea butter supply chain.

Speaking to Citi News in Sherigu, Chief Executive Officer of Alaffia Company, Mr. Olowo n’djo Tchala, said, the project was geared towards eradicating poverty among rural women through value addition of indigenous natural resources.

“We have Shea nut trees in abundances here. When you have something in abundance, and you are poor, you need to make something out of it. For Alaffia company, we know how to make and distribute Shea butter, so, we are here as a process to reduce poverty and also to make Shea butter, so we can serve the need of our customers.”

“This will provide jobs for our women. We do not have other alternatives and I believe that by using their skills on how to produce Shea butter, traditionally, it will alleviate poverty in this area”.

Mr. Tchala pledged to use part of the proceeds generated from the Shea butter business to support the educational and health needs of the community.

The Chief of Sherigu, Naba Aluman Apasinaba II, commended Alaffia Company limited for the Shea butter factory as it will not only create jobs for women but also reduce rural-urban migration.

Naba Apasinaba II, further entreated the company to deliver its corporate social responsibility to the community.

“Through this project, the quality and revenue generation of Shea butter production by the poor and marginalized women Shea nut collectors and processors will be improved. It will also allow small scale Shea butter producers to gain reliable and consistent access to a higher end of the Shea market.”

“The project will also contribute to job creation for small scale butter producers and others along the Shea value chain. It is the expectation that, the company shall live up to its corporate social responsibilities to the community as and when the need arises especially by instituting a scholarship scheme to cater for the educational needs of the children and provision of potable drinking water for the beneficiary community”.

He also appealed to the management of the company to consider engaging the services of local artisans during the construction phase of the project.

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