Home Entertainment Lydia Forson Joins Viral “Buss It” Challenge (Video)

Lydia Forson Joins Viral “Buss It” Challenge (Video)

Popular Ghanaian actress, writer and producer Lydia Forson has become the latest celebrity to join the new Tiktok “Buss It” challenge which is going viral on social media.

The dance challenge inspired by American rapper Erica Banks’ hit song “Buss it” on her new album. The dance is in two parts where tiktokers appear bust in the first part in normal house clothes with no makeup and it’s followed up with the dancers bending low on their knees twerking in elegant outfits with heavy makeup.

The challenge, started by 18-year-old Erika Davila who invited Tiktok users to participate has seen hundreds of thousands of participants across the world including celebrities all trying to prove they can do it better.

Not wanting to be left out, Lydia Forson took to Instagram to share a video of her taking part in the challenge to prove thick girls can also do it.

Watch the video below:


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