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Why everyone mocking Amber Ray is a fool and a clown

Amberay is someone who reminds me of something one of my mentors used to say that I currently find rather profound, “a beautiful woman who marries a poor man earns the wrath of her ancestors”. To be fair, this particular mentor is about of a cantankerous personality type. He is honest to a fault.

The only 2 ways socialites like Amberay and Huddah can afford their lifestyle Anyway, Amberay has simply done what we should all have expected her to do. She located two rich men after the first, the father of her son broke her heart.

You see, when Amberay started out her… Sexual history, one of the men she ended up with was a manamba who impregnated her and she opted not to evacuate her womb. After that, she came to prominence after she settled down with a successful businessman cum failed politician, Zaheer Jhanda. She chose to settle down with him as a second wife.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CIP5vDTlqGC/ Fast forward to their trouble years and eventually, she was out on her own again. She chose to bounce around (if rumours are to be believed) between a few benefactors before finally settling for the man of Cushitic persuasion that she has currently been outed as being with.

The man is a wealthy, young businessman who is said to have a proclivity towards chasing skirts -aswell he should be doing if he is above board about it with his wives. Second wife’s time! Socialite Amberay enjoy Safari with rich politician husband(photos)  Amberay came under some immense scrutiny for her decision to date a wealthy man and I was shocked at how shallow Kenyans were being.

Why you ask? Because what else did you expect? When you pull your head out of your ass, you will recognize that she is a single mother without…

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