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Ashawo Pamela Odame Shouldn’t Try Me, She Can’t Beef Me For Even A Second – Angry Nana Tornado Warns

Ghanaian entertainer, Nana Tornado has dared Pamela Odame not to try him.

Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix, Tornado stated that he has seen all the insults that the actress hurled at him when she appeared on Atinka TV.

The outspoken actor said he is not ready to ‘dirty’ himself with Pamela Odame.

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He stressed that the big-breasted actress cannot face him when it comes to beef—so she should not start what she cannot end.

Though she denied being a prostitute, Tornado has reiterated in this new video that she was a whore when they met.

According to him, Pamela was not his friend when they met at Osu.

He stressed that his bodyguard who was with them at that time is his witness.

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Tornado clarified that their supposed one night stand was just kissing (romance)—but he didn’t enter the ‘wagon’ of Pamela.

This is very confusing—because how can you say you had a one night stand with someone if you claim you did not have sexual intercourse or penetrate?

Anyway, watch the video below.