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Taylor Swift Is Selling Signed ‘Folklore’ CDs & They May Come with Something Unexpected!

Taylor Swift is selling signed Folklore CDs right now on her online store and she says that they may come with something unexpected!

The 30-year-old singer is at home signing the CDs right now and it looks like her cats are getting in the way.

Taylor is also enjoying a glass of white wine while signing the CDs… and the wine might be spilling onto some of the CDs!

“Along with the signed cd, some lucky purchasers of these items may even receive complimentary cat hair stuck inside the pages. Or the aromatic scent of white wine I occasionally spill while signing. #Caturday,” Taylor tweeted along with the below photo.

Signed CDs are currently available for $25 in Taylor‘s online store, while supplies last. Get yours before they are gone!