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Yendi left out in government’s year of roads promise – NDC parliamentary candidate

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Yendi in the Northern Region, Abdul-Fatawu Alhassan, says the government’s much-talked-about year of roads promise has not benefited the people of the constituency.

Making reference to some roads mentioned by the Vice President as having been captured, Mr. Alhassan questioned the amount of work that has been done on the said roads.

In a Citi News interview, Mr. Alhassan expressed worry over the development claiming that government is just paying lip-service to its promise.

“The NPP came to power in 2017, yet we haven’t seen any work on any road. The roads keep deteriorating to the extent that people in certain areas were rioting. In 2020 when the finance minister declared this year as a year of roads, and then we saw some small roads being resurfaced and there is nothing like bitumen on it. It is a pity”, he lamented.

He also disclosed how he had had to use personal funds to get some roads in the area passable for users due to the many years of neglect.

“Is it that someone was given the money and pocketed the money for bitumen? Personally, I used my money to get equipment to patch some roads. Because of the road is bad, when it rains, vehicles are unable to use it. So as for roads, the lest said about it in Yendi, the better”, he complained.

Fixing bad road networks across the country remain on the priority list of voters ahead of the general elections.

The phenomenon of “No road. No votes” continues to feature to send signals of boycotting the polls over the abandoned roads.

This is despite government’s assurance to fix all deplorable road by the end of the year after declaring 2020 as the year of roads.

Ghanaians who have been outraged by poor roads have resorted to a series of protests to pile pressure on authorities to get their roads fixed.

The NDC has accused the NPP of failing to take pragmatic measures to fix the poor road network in the country describing the year of road promise as a hoax.

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