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Get to Know K-Pop Star & Author Jessica Jung with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

If you’re a K-Pop fan, chances are you’re very familiar with Jessica Jung already. For those of you who don’t know her yet, we’re ready to fill you in now!

The 31-year-old entertainer is already a legend in the K-Pop world thanks to her work with the girl group Girls Generation. She is the former lead singer of the group and helped catapult them to stardom over 10 years ago.

Ever since then, Jessica, who was born in San Francisco, has done everything from acting to fashion design. Now, her latest project is her debut novel “Shine,” which is on sale now. (Order it here from Amazon!)

Jessica‘s debut novel brings an insider’s point of view to a fast-paced, intrigue-filled, escapist story. She said, “With Shine, I wanted to tell a big, fun, escapist story that also examines in-depth, behind-the-scenes aspects of the K-pop world. My goal was to tell a transparent, candid story—in a way that sometimes fiction does best.”

We caught up with Jessica to learn more about her and you can read the 10 Fun Facts below!

  1. I’m a Korean instant ramen lover in the extreme! Whenever I travel abroad I bring some in my luggage – I need a couple every week. Now that I’m in Korea, I have a lot more choices, which means my stash is getting over the top. I have it pretty much every night as my midnight snack. (I’m also a night owl.)
  2. I’m a vitamin junkie. I try every single supplement or health product that I read or hear about to see if it works for me! Calamansi concentrate is my latest experiment – it apparently has way more vitamin C than a lemon so I mix that with water and drink it in the mornings. I try all sorts of things that are in trend – if they don’t work for me I go on to the next. I’ve been known to lug heavy suitcases full of vitamins from Germany that I can’t get anywhere else in the world…
  3. I have a habit of sleeping with a book under my pillow. I started this as a kid because my mom always wanted me to read before I go to bed, but I would get sleepy and I figured maybe I could convince her the words were going straight into my head at night. The habit kind of stuck, and the night before tests in school, I would put the textbook beneath my pillow. In fact, when we got the advanced reader’s copy of Shine, I immediately put it under my pillow! I always believed in that magic of osmosis.
  4. I. Hate. Working out. People always ask me what my regimen is to keep fit or what my workout routine is and that’s always so hard to answer. I do the least amount possible to stay in shape (and still be able to eat endless ramen). I always need a trainer or instructor to force me to do it or else I won’t bother.
  5. I flew nearly 3 million miles before the age of 30.

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  1. I have hidden cooking skills. I’m known to be very busy traveling the world and I’m a foodie so I love to eat and try new restaurants – but when I do get a chance to cook at home it usually turns out pretty good – or at least I get a lot of compliments so either I’m a natural or they’re great liars! I recently made the most incredible breakfast sandwich – I usually cook Korean meals but I tried this and my family were obsessed. They keep asking me to make it again. It was that hint of siracha that gave it the addictive hit.
  2. My collection of swimsuits is OOC—definitely in the hundreds. I need a new swimsuit on vacation not just for every day but every setting: a separate one for the pool, the beach, the hot tub. Even in the winter I buy them to feed the addiction, while dreaming of my next vacation.
  3. I’m terrified of needles. Once I fainted from exhaustion and woke up in the hospital and when the nurse came to give me an IV I literally leapt out of bed and walked out of the hospital because anything was better than dealing with that needle! For blood tests, I need no less than 6 people holding me and calming me down for that five seconds.
  4. Sad movies are sadder on planes. I don’t know why, but I cry a LOT on the plane watching movies and documentaries – even cartoons. I don’t know what it is about being up in the atmosphere, but it unleashes the water works. I sobbed into my ramen noodles while watching FROZEN on the plane. Life is stressful and we all need our space to just let it go!
  5. I’m the worst chopstick holder there is. My fingers just don’t function the way they’re supposed to. I’ve definitely been called out on this, but I can’t help it. Sorry mom, dad, and the world!

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