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What best describes the feeling of getting to your house after a long day at work?

After a hard day’s hustle, and errands – what’s the first thing you do when you get into your house? Kick off the irksome heels? Flop on the stained coach and switch on the thumping music system? Unclip tight clothing to free long-suffering appendages? There’s no place like home. This is your personal space – you can be you.

It matters not if it’s a sprawling estate on endless acreage fraught with servants, or, a tiny, cramped, windowless box in a maze of floors and staircases somewhere in the city. This is home, and there’s nowhere else the heart would rather be. And, these are just urban rentals. The homeowners are usually on another, higher level. Have you seen how hard faces and hearts melt into emotional mirages when discussing the journey to building the first home?

The first home is often a rewarding culmination of an intense journey of endless personal sacrifice, sweat, blood and tears. The patience and inner drive needed to transform a barren piece of rocky land into a haven of dreams, is not a mean feat – and it’s painstakingly slow – akin to pulling out multiple bee stings.

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And, no, hiring a relative as a supervisor at your building site always ends in tears – and, irreparable family damages. To fill in this gap, numerous construction firms have been formed. Depending on the level of work, these firms usually charge a percentage higher – but, all factors held constant – it’s the safer bet for the busy corporate home builder. Along…

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