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In 2020 these are the signs she belongs to the streets

2020 has been a hell of a roller coaster year. Most of the year got cancelled from education to entertainment and only corruption, looting of public coffers and politics remain uncancelled what with the way Uhuru and Ruto have busied themselves with their bullshit rallies.

Why Kenyan girls are doing more dancing challenges on TikTok and IG 2020 however, was a great year for thots and slay queens with OnlyFans providing them with a fantastic way to make up for their lost income given the country was under lockdown and their uncles and sponsors had to be home with their wives.

Additionally, this was also the year when a lot of relationships started up with all these shots finally hunkering down and dating the formerly “useless” neighbours and bestfriends in the friendzone.

Tinder was alight with women who had recently lowered their standards looking for “partners” and potential boyfriends. Kenyan socialites lure girls into prostitution and other dumb stories However, I am here to ensure the lads do not fall for this nonsense.

Gentlemen, we need to learn to see the telltale signs the object of your wildest desires, that girl that was way out of your leagues until Covid-19 and 202 happened is actually not worth your effort because from the streets she came and unto the streets she shall return.

And the signs that you are messing with a heaux that belongs to the streets in 2020 have evolved as life shifted to engage more online what with the near-total ban on movement that the year began with when Covid-19 was being touted by the government of Kenya include: 1. She is a “free spirit” Any lass who describes herself as a free spirit in 2020 belong to the street.

These are the girls who conflate sexual liberation with…

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