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In defence of Zari Hassan: Stop hating and let her live her life

Zari is now the focus of some rubbish rumours circulating across the interwebs. That vile, damnable interweb! And the reason she is the name on many haters lips is that people believe she is the recipient of some plastic surgery.

Zari Hassan accused of botched surgery after stepping out in strange-looking bum and waist (Video) And for some reason, the fact (which I should point out I believe too) seems to have irked many a woman especially Tanzanian babes who have been calling her out for her decision to do what she can to maximize her looks.

Zari Hassan paid for what she felt would improve the quality of her life. She made a decision, put money where her mouth is and is happily showcasing her new and improved derriere. And this is killing alot of women. Tanasha Donna confirms rumored beef between her and fellow baby mama, Zari Hassan (Video) I would posit that the newly acquired derriere isn’t the real reason for the hate.

It is envy. You see, jealousy is when you are afraid someone will take what you have. Envy is when you want what someone else has. And Zari’s life is the stuff of envy for many a woman. She managed to land herself children by two high value, high net worth men in the mould of the late Ivan Ssemwanga and the lothario Diamond Platnumz.

She got both of them and even the geriatric King Bae. And while King Bae was not the subject of envy, the previous men were. They were young, handsome and fabulously loaded. ” I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children” Hamisa Mobetto to Zari and Tanasha Donna Or maybe, the hate emanates from the fact that Zari lords her position in life over…

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