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Amanda Kloots Says Picking Up Nick Cordero’s Ashes Was ‘Beyond Surreal & Horrible’

Amanda Kloots is opening up about how the past few weeks have been “really hard” for her after the death of her husband Nick Cordero, who passed away at 41 from coronavirus complications


The 39-year-old fitness instructor shared an emotional update with fans on Saturday (August 8) about what hows she’s been feeling lately.

“I’ve literally felt like I can’t even function. Where I’m just kind of in a fog and I don’t even know what I’m doing or what I’m saying,” Amanda shared on her Instagram Story. “Thank God for my brother and sister-in-law because they’ve rescued me and [1-year-old son] Elvis a lot.”

Amanda then detailed how she was feeling after picking up Nick‘s ashes.

“It was beyond surreal and horrible. But they’re in my possession and a good friend of mine said some beautiful advice: look at it as you have him with you now,” Amanda said. “Which is really a nice way of looking at it, which is true.”

Amanda shared some of the things that have helped her through this grieving process.

“The first thing is the friends and family support system is wonderful,” Amanda said. “You know, even people that just drop a text that say ‘thinking of you,’ or ‘love you,’ or ‘you’re not alone,’ or something.”

Amanda also recently said that taking up tennis has helped her mourn.

Something special is happening in honor of Nick Cordero‘s birthday next month.