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Netflix’s ‘Ta-Dum’ Intro Almost Included This Animal Sound

When you start to watch a program on Netflix, you get to hear that familiar “ta-dum” sound just before your program plays – but did you know that it almost included the sound of a goat bleating?

In the recent episode of the “Twenty Thousand Hertz” podcast

, Tod Yellin, the streamer’s VP of product, opened up about why it was first included and why it’s not there now.

With the ta-dum sound, Tod shared that he wanted viewers to get the feeling of “‘Wow, I’m going to get a treat, I’m about to get an amazing story, that’s relevant to me, that’s — most importantly — cinematic in my home.’”

So, where and how did the goat bleating come in?

Sound editor Lon Bender was tapped to head the sound, and there were a few different options – including one of the final ones being that of a goat bleating.

“If we were going to do that call-and-response, that creating tension and then resolving it really quickly, I liked the sound of the goat,” Tod shared. “It’s funny, I thought it was quirky. It was our version of (MGM’s) Leo the Lion. For a while we were stuck on it.”

If you’re wondering, below is the sound of a goat bleating:

And here is the final Netflix sound:

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