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Who Will Play Alexandra on ‘Snowpiercer’ in Season Two?

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains major spoilers from the season one finale of Snowpiercer, so beware of reading any further!

The role of Alexandra has been revealed on the season one finale of Snowpiercer


Alexandra will be played by Rowan Blanchard in the upcoming second season of the TNT thriller.

It was revealed that the character is the daughter of Melanie (Jennifer Connelly), who was kicked out of power on the train and gave it to the rebel cause after getting rid of some of the First Car elitists.

Melanie says she left her daughter with her grandparents as she worked on the train, and was presumed to be dead.

After the second train crashes into the Snowpiercer, Alexandra boards the last car saying that she is there looking for Melanie.

During a season two sneak peek, it is revealed that Mr. Wilford – who will be played by Sean Bean – is still alive and he is back to reclaim his train.

The season two premiere date of Snowpiercer has not been announced yet.