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Zack Snyder Says His ‘Justice League’ Will Have No Studio Compromises

Fans are already buzzing about Zack Snyder‘s Justice League!

Over the weekend, the 54-year-old director responded to questions on Vero regarding the upcoming release of his Justice League, which were broken down

via DR Movie News.

The new information includes that the original Steppenwolf design will return, he is already deep in VFX work on the movie, and the film will be “100% his vision with absolutely no compromises.”

It’s also likely that a new teaser will come before DC FanDome on August 22, and Junkie XL will return to score. It will also include more Knightmare sequences with Darkseid and Superman, and Kevin Costner will likely return as Jonathon Kent for a brief cameo.

Here’s why the “no studio compromises” information is so exciting for fans, via Coming Soon:

“After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to match Marvel’s The Avengers in terms of box office revenue, Warner Bros. insisted that Snyder lighten the tone of Justice League. As such, Snyder made compromises in order to appease studio heads. So, even if Snyder had released his film in 2017, it likely still would not have been his intended vision. Now, with the freedom given to him by HBO Max, Snyder has full reign to release the Justice League he wanted to release all along. Whether it paves the way for future sequels and includes the darker bits he has teased about for years, or merely serves as a conclusion to a 3-part story remains anyone’s guess.”

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