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Eastern Regional Minister worried over COVID-19 scepticism among residents

Eastern Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour is worried residents still doubt the existence of the novel coronavirus.

This according to him is making it more difficult to sensitize residents on the preventive measures.

Health officials in the Eastern Region have recorded 134 cases of the disease so far with 95 recoveries.

Eric Kwakye Darfour who was speaking on the sidelines of the official reopening of Afcon Construction Camp B site at Kpong in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality believes the successes may be short-lived if residents fail to adhere to the safety protocols.

“When the President actually eased some of the restrictions, I engaged religious leaders and they told me that the President said they could bring 100 people into the church building so can we keep the others out? How do you do that? Someone also asked if we can start bringing people into the mosque other than the June 5, commencement date? But I told them to wait for the time to come. So we are battling not only the virus but also the scepticism associated with the existence of the virus. That is our major headache. So please, let us all help to educate the public so we can drive away this virus.”

The Ghana Health Service’s update on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, indicated that 227 new COVID-19 cases have been recorded raising the country’s case count to 8,297.

Two more persons have died from the disease in Ghana bringing the country’s death toll to 38.

According to the Ghana Health Service’s update, some 39 persons who contracted the virus have also recovered increasing the recoveries count to 2,986.

Eastern Region recoveries 

95 persons out of a total of 134 who tested positive for COVID-19 in the Eastern Region have fully recovered from the disease.

This was announced by the Eastern Regional Health Directorate on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

She indicated that seven out of 21 health workers who contracted the virus in line of duty have also fully recovered.

“For the Eastern Region, we have 134 cases so far. But I must also say that 95 out of these 134 have fully recovered which means that we have at least 70 percent recovery as at now. Unfortunately, we have some of our health workers also infected – some of them in line of duty or because of community spread. We have 21 of our health workers who have so far been infected and seven of them have also recovered.”


Dr. Nyarko mentioned that there is ongoing surveillance by health professionals to make sure that further infections are reduced and contained.

“We had all the cooperation of the company, the local government authority, security and also from the indefatigable health staff who had to work 24 hours every day for the past 10 weeks to ensure that we can proudly say, the outbreak is over, here in Kpong and Afcon camp B. We assure you of the fact that surveillance is still going on. We are not out of the woods yet because the infection is still in Ghana. We have to put our best foot forward so that when we have another infection, we will able to immediately find it and do the needful by containing It,” she added.


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