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Sophia Bush Makes Bold Statement With Her Mask After Picking Up Essential Items

Sophia Bush holds on to a few grocery bags while leaving the store in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (May 21).

The 37-year-old actress made a big statement with her mask that she wore to, from, and inside the store, which read: “This Was Preventable”.

Sophia later took to Instagram, re-posting a conversation about the importance and reason for wearing masks during this critical time.

“Nothing else to add here … though I really wish I’d had flyers of this exchange printed out to hand out to all the folks refusing to wear masks in LA this weekend, though that would’ve compromised responsible physical distancing. Ugh,” she captioned

the exchange.

Sophia continued, “HEALTHCARE WORKERS AND FOOD SERVICE WORKERS ARE DYING — at disproportionate numbers to the rest of us!! — SO PUT ON A GD MASK, Karen. It’s literally the least you can do.”

“There is nothing hard about it. Your freedoms aren’t being infringed on. You’re being asked to do your part, which you should jump at since you claim to love your country,” she adds. “Or does that not apply across the board? Because if it DOES … wait for it … MASK UP. Oh, and science is real. Period. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.”

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