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Queen Elizabeth II Actually Hid In The Bushes To Get Away From This Problematic Guest

Queen Elizabeth II once reached her breaking point while hosting one particular guest in the past.

In the new ITV documentary Our Queen: Inside the Crown, it was revealed that the 94-year-old royal actually hid in a bush to avoid Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu


The dictator came to England on a state visit with his wife Elena in 1978 and fulfilling her duty as monarch, Elizabeth and husband, Prince Philip, met the couple at the train station and joined them on a carriage ride back to Buckingham Palace.

However, despite the outward appearance of welcoming Ceaușescu, there was a moment that she couldn’t take it anymore and slipped out of view.

“On the occasion when they were staying she took the corgis out for a walk in the palace gardens and she could see the Ceaușescus coming the other way,” Robert Hardman shared in the program (via People).

“She thought, ‘I really can’t face talking to them,’ so the first and only time in her life, she actually hid in a bush in the palace gardens to avoid her guests.”

Former British Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen added that, “The Queen puts up with many different people, but Ceaușescu was too much for her…She made it quite plain she didn’t like that visit!”

If you missed it, there is a rumor that Queen Elizabeth might be staying in quarantine and out of public view until the fall.