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Minority’s claims about COVID-19 management unsubstantiated – Government

The government has accused the Minority in Parliament of making baseless claims about the state’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a press conference addressed by the Deputy Information Minister, Pius Hadzide, the government said the Minority “had lowered the bar on public discourse by making serious and unsubstantiated allegations.”

The Minority side of Parliament slammed the government for selling “false hope” in its management of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It maintained that Ghana was still in a precarious situation despite the state saying Ghana may have reached its peak for infections and claimed that the government was manipulating data on the virus’ spread in Ghana amongst others.

In addition, the Minority claimed that on two separate occasions in April, the number of confirmed cases under routine surveillance was revised downwards without any explanation.

Responding to these queries, Mr. Hadzide said Ghana’s approach to fighting COVID-19 was one of the best in the continent.

“It is pathetic that even upon hindsight, the Minority is still unable to offer any pragmatic alternatives but mainly rehashes those same lame queries that Mr. Mahama has asked during his political broadcast on Facebook.”

He added that the Minority was exhibiting “deep levels of unawareness” in its assessment of the government’s management of the pandemic.

On the claims about a lack of transparency, Mr. Hadzide said the government had showcased enough good faith to earn the public’s trust.

“His Excellency the President has led from the front and continues the address the nation honestly and regularly. Our health experts have also been enabled to offer regular updates and briefings. The claim therefore from the NDC about a certain lack of transparency is mind-boggling,” he added.

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