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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Reveal The Terms Of Their Royal Transition

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have unveiled the terms of their royal transition as they step down from their senior roles in the British Royal Family.

The couple shared the announcement on their official website

, lining out all of the terms that were agreed upon last month.

“We had hoped to be allowed to share these details with you sooner (to mitigate any confusion and subsequent misreporting), but the facts below should help provide some clarification around this transition and the steps for the future,” the release states.

Some of the official terms include:

  • To live a more independent life as a family
  • Their revised roles are under a 12-month review period
  • The Order of Precedence is unchanged, meaning that Prince Harry is still sixth in line for the throne
  • Harry and Meghan will become privately funded members, and have permission to earn their own income
  • Harry will also keep his titles of Major, and honorary ranks of Lieutenant Commander, and Squadron Leader. However, he cannot perform any official duties associated with these roles.

It was previously reported that Harry and Meghan will not be using the word “Royal” after March 31.

The Sussex Royal site adds that Harry and Meghan are continuing “to develop their non-profit organisation and plan for their future” and that in the spring, “their digital channels will be refreshed as they introduce the next exciting phase to you.”

Just recently, Prince Harry was seen making a grocery run in his new Canadian neighborhood.