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Kate Upton Is Raising Awareness About Climate Change & It’s Effects On Polar Bears!

Kate Upton is celebrating being Canada Goose’s newest ambassador by speaking up for what she believes in!

In addition to being the face in the outerwear brand’s newest campaign, the 27-year-old actress and model has partnered with Polar Bears International (PBI) to raise awareness around climate change and the endangerment of the species.

For each jacket sold in Canada Goose’s new PBI line, $50 will be donated to PBI in an effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, according to Vogue


Last night (February 12), Kate Upton joined Canada Goose and Vogue to host a Cocktails & Conversation about the impact climate change has on the future of polar bears event at Smogshoppe in Los Angeles,.

“PBI has done such amazing work,” Kate expressed. “What’s happening to the polar bear isn’t just staying in the Arctic. The melting sea ice is a sign that climate change is here, and that we need to take action.”

“Becoming a mother has changed me in every aspect of my life, so I definitely see it changing which projects I’m involved with in the future,” Kate added about how being a mother to daughter Genevieve has changed her perspective. “Everything I do, I want to do for her. I want to do everything in my power to leave the earth in as good as condition as possible for her, and for future generations.”