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I NEED YOUR ADVISE! My Landlord Wants Me To Pay A Debt I Didn’t Accrue, What Should I Do?

I need fellow readers’ advice concerning my present predicament.

I rented an apartment late last year and discovered my power wasn’t disconnected despite having not made any recharge on the prepaid after 2 weeks.

I called my landlord brother who let the place out to me, to inform him about my findings, but he insisted that I was enjoying the recharge from the previous tenant.

I tried checking the balance through the small box used for recharging but it wasn’t connecting and I believed it was a network issue

After about a month, my curiosity heightened and for the fact that I hate to be involved in anything illegal, I decided to make further inquiries concerning the metre.

My neighbor and chief tenant who has been in the house for about 4 years told me that there’s debt on the metre which made the previous occupant connect directly while by passing the prepaid metre.

I called a friend who once worked with Nepa and he made findings saying the debt on the metre is 118,000 naira. I got the number of the landlord and decided to put a call to him last December.

He claimed that the house has been on prepaid metre since the erection of the building. And said I should ask Nepa how the debt was accrued..
I agreed with him so I decided to make more findings concerning how debt got on the metre.

During this period, a nepa official came for inspection, he dropped his phone number as I was not at home. I called him and explained everything to him..

He gave me the summary of the transaction which showed that the house owed a debt while on post paid, which was transfered on the prepaid meter when it was installed.

The nepa official indirectly asked me to bribe him so he would leave the metre not disconnected which I didn’t oblige to.

He came last week to disconnect the metre and I have called the landlord who refused to find a solution to the problem.

My landlord claims he hasn’t lived in the compound for a day and wouldn’t be responsible for it. I suggested that I clear the bill and deduct it from my next rent. He refused.

I have been in darkness for over a week now and running on generator without any solution in sight.

What’s The Best Measure I Can Take Towards Resolving This Issue?

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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