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Websys: How can you maximize the chances of converting that lead into a happy customer?

So a lead got generated.. maybe someone visited your website and was interested, maybe your sales agent cold called a list or maybe your marketing team visited a conference and brought home a visiting card,..

Now, let’s start talking about what should happen after that lead comes in.
How do you ensure that the incoming lead is handled in the most efficient manner?
How can you maximize the chances of converting that lead into a happy customer?

Two options:
You could hire a jet-setter go-getter loud-mouthed type-A sales guys with the ‘magic touch’
Or, you could build a step-by-step Sales Process
Let’s just stick to Option 2 here, okay?

Before building a Sales Process, you need to do some ground work.

First, identify your Lead Types.
How will you categorize your leads?
How do you know which ones to prioritize now?
By diving them up into different buckets, you know exactly what to do for each type of lead, and you can build a process around that.

There are multiple strategies you can follow to categorize leads into Lead Types. You could define them by where they are in the buying cycle. Or, you could define them based on the department through which they were qualified.

Lead Types by buying cycle:
New – Any potential customer who has just got in touch with your company.
In Process – Someone with whom you are having a conversation.
Nurture – A potential customer who may have a need in the future, not an immediate prospect.
Not interested – Someone who has no plan to become your customer, now or in the future.
Qualified – Good news, someone who is interested in becoming your customer.

Lead Types by how they were qualified:
Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – Leads who have come in through your marketing team’s effort, but aren’t ready to talk to the sales team yet.
Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – Leads who have expressed interest in becoming customer and are being worked on by sales team.
Product Qualified Leads (PQL) – Leads who have used your product and have shown interest in purchasing it.
Service Qualified Leads (SQL) – Leads or customers who have expressed their interest to purchase or upgrade to the service team.

There is no specific rule on the best way to create Lead Types. You should think through your business process and do what works best for your organization.

The important thing is to think through the process.

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