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Websys: Do you remember what you would do if you were buying a TV ten years ago? –

Do you remember what you would do if you were buying a TV ten years ago? You would go down to the store, stare blankly at a wall full of TV screens trying to figure out the differences between them, until a salesperson took pity on you and stopped by to answer your questions. You would visit a couple more stores checking for deals and then finally picked your TV, paid for it and carried it home.

Fast forward to 2020. What do you do now?

With hundreds of options to choose from, you visit review sites, blogs, talk to your friends on social media, run opinion polls, agonize over every little feature and finally order the TV, and a day later start watching your new TV. all without stepping out of your home or talking to another person. Yes, the buyer’s journey has changed drastically.

And has your business kept up with that change?

Customers today know exactly what they want, which company they want it from and how much they should pay for it, before you can ask ‘May I help you?’. So, growing your business and generating more revenue has become more about reaching potential customers before they have made up their minds, and sometimes even before they realize that they have a need, and then controlling their customer journey each step of the way.

Leads are people who are potentially interested in purchasing your product or services. Lead generation lets you reach these potential customers early in their customer journey. Lead Management helps you build a relationship with them, earn their trust and be by their side until they’re ready to make a purchase.

We are starting this series on Leads and optimizing your business in online/search engine, where we will talk about various aspects of it, examine buzzwords, discuss strategies, find out what’s working and what’s not, and together learn what we should do to ensure that our organizations keep up with the constant changes in buyer’s journey.
You ready for it? Starting sooner.. 🙂
Meanwhile, if you’d like to improve your lead generation and your online/search engine presence, talk to us.

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