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Review your advertising guidelines on alcohol – GIHOC tells FDA

State-owned distiller, GIHOC wants the Foods the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to vary its policy on the advertisement of alcoholic beverages because “it is affecting sales”, MyNewsGh.com reports.

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The Ghana Industrial Holdings Company (GIHOC) says the time
restrictions on the airplay of alcoholic beverage promotions on radio and TV
and the ban of celebrities from endorsing alcoholic products must be reviewed.

Managing Director of GIHOC, Maxwell Kofi Jumah told
journalists at a press soiree in Kumasi that, “do you think I will love
it, NO; I believe that there has to be a way; we need to engage the authority
and try to fashion out a way where everybody will be okay, because it’s not
only affecting us, it is also affecting all the other businesses on the

The policy, according to the former Mayor of Kumasi is
“also affecting the media; because it makes it impossible for us to
promote our products and pay for the promotion and that supports you, so I
think that it’s affecting a lot of people”.

“Definitely it affects sales; we need to give out the
good news about some of the products we have; the fact that GIHOC we don’t use
flavors and color, that we use all natural products, the fact that the products
that we use are by themselves very good for you; you know those are the things
but we cannot do it, so we just leave it like that, you know it’s very
difficult”, he lamented.

In January 2018, the FDA effected section 3.2.6 of its
Guidelines for the Advertisement of Foods which states, “Radio and
Television advertising shall be forbidden between the hours of

8:00 am to 8:00 pm.”

Section 3.3.2. of the guidelines also states that  “product endorsement by well-known personalities
or professionals shall not directly or indirectly suggest that the consumption
of any alcoholic beverage has contributed to the success of their particular

The FDA says these guidelines are to protect minors under
the legal drinking age of 18 years from falling prey to alcohol abuse.

 “The FDA is not trying to take food away from your
mouth but rather trying to protect the young ones who idolise you from the
abuse of alcohol.

On the other hand, we can collaborate with you to use your
influence to educate the youth against alcohol abuse,” FDA wrote in reaction to
Wendy Shay’s complaint that, it had taken food from her mouth after she lost a
juicy deal to advertise for an alcoholic beverage producing company.

But Maxwell Kofi Jumah thinks the directive must be relaxed
to enable companies to reap their full benefits.

GIHOC are the producers of Ghanaian alcoholic export quality brands like Herb Afrik, Mandingo, Castle Bridge and Apet.

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The company intends to expand and open offices in other countries; “we started with West Africa, of course we needed a base; and we knew that in Liberia, Mandingo was the favorite drink; indeed the President of Liberia drinks Mandingo, so we went there, and then from Liberia to Nigeria and then to Cote D’Ivoire; now we are trying to move to Southern Africa, China, US and definitely Holland; we have started the process and hopefully by the middle of the year, GIHOC would have offices in those countries”, Jumah said.

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Teddy Brown Onimbede/2020

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