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No Referendum – What Next? – Abdul Hayi Moomen Asks

Our elders say a wise child is not spoken to in plain language. It is also true that it is only that person who washes his face upwards who perhaps does not know that today’s newspaper will end up in the hands of the KVIP attendant or at best become a wrapper for roasted plantain, AKA “Kofi Brokeman”. The conversation concerning a referendum came to an end when the national Chief announced its suspension. All of a sudden, yesterday’s newspapers have become today’s toilet paper.

Unfortunately, many of us have been looking at the
suspension of the referendum with the eyes of a cow. As a result, all that we
see, is grass here, grass there, grass everywhere. We are not asking the right
questions. At this time, instead of asking useful and tough questions such as
“how did water get inside the coconut?” we are too busy asking “Is the umbrella
to be blamed or praised for the elephant’s withdrawal method which has resulted
in no conception of a referendum?

Where do we go from here? Is this the end of the story of
the election of MMDCEs? If political parties will not show up, does that mean
no show?

Nyaba, a man who wants to climb a ladder cannot do so by
putting his hands in his pocket. Let’s take out our hands from our pockets and
ask the Umbrella and elephant clans if they are still committed to the election
of MMDCEs – if they are, when? What next? How? Or was this all a well planned
hoax by both parties?

It is just appropriate that when a woman is running, she
holds her breasts. It doesn’t mean that her breasts will fall off. However,
when the running is necessitated by danger, it’s only the woman who doesn’t
cherish her life who will first think of holding her breasts while running.
Nyaba, it is appropriate that we respect our leaders. But is is even more
appropriate if we could gather the confidence to speak truth to power! You
can’t owe your landlord rent and still afford to fry spicy meat in the
compound. We are the landlords, but do we even know that?

Nyaba, are you aware that the thing that made the egg strong
inside the pot of boiling water is the same thing that made the yam soft in the
same pot?

“It will be better one day, it will be better one day”
that’s how come the camel is still carrying a load called a hump.

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