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Ghanaian men congratulate ‘hero’ Awutu man who beat his wife into coma for cheating

35-year-old Kofi Bandoli who was arrested by Awutu Bereku district police command for beating his wife into coma after catching her having sexual intercourse with another man has received massive online support from his fellow married men who say he is a “hero”.

In strings of comments on the story sighted by MyNewsGH.com, most men say the man should not have been arrested because other men in his shoes commit murder by killing themsleves and their spouses, wondering why the police should arrest him.

The story, originally sourced to KasapaFMonline Isuggests that the man went to work and tried to call his wife who was at home for some information but tried several times and couldn’t reach her so he decided to go home and see whether something had happened to her because it was unusual of her not to pick calls.

As he approached his room, he heard the sounds of someone moaning sexually.

In a state of denial, as he was sure his wife will never cheat on him, the curious side of him pushed him to inch closer to the action spot only to find his wife on cloud nine sweating profusely suggesting she had enjoyed several minutes of good sex with her lover.

Incensed by what he saw and feeling jealous, Kofi Bandoli pounced on his wife and beat the hell out of her until she fell into a state of coma. Her lover sensing danger ran for his life.

God bless Abuser

Invoking blessings on Kofi Bandoli for beating Mrs Bandoli to teach her lesson on fidelity, the online supporters say Mr Kofi Bandoli cannot be wrong for beating his wife mercilessly.

MyNewsGh.com has concealed the names of the comment posters in the screenshots we took because of privacy issues.

Some of the comments read:

“Unanimous decision. Kofi Bandoli, I have a white sheep for you”, one comment said.

“This beating di3 I support”, said another man.

“Kudos to the man for doing a yeoman’s job. I love this man.”

“God bless your hustle mr man. next time she won’t do it again….” another comment read.

“Well done She’s lucky to still be alive. 7 out of 10 men would kill u if they caught their partner pants down f*cking another man” another noted.

“For her bad intention, she was pretending in the morning that she was not feeling well.”

“The man is Right paa”

“The lady will pay for it next time most of our ladies like cheating too much”

“Though the guy wasn’t right to beat the lady but those of u defending the lady I pray ur wives and girlfriends also cheats on u so we will see if I are responsible or not”

“If this story is true, then I will say this woman deserves more than beating.”

“Well done Bandoli, please if you are released let her pack her belongings and join her parents, don’t live with vagina supplier.”

“Wrong enforcement of law. If you (the police) hear of a theft case. Do you arrest the theif or the property owner?”

“Where is the hospital the wife was admitted. I will personally beat her again.”

But, why must you arrest him ? Through the beatings ,, the woman is now resting on that lovely bed,,,, we all deserve some rest .

“It’s only Adam that got a free marriage. No mother in law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother in law, nephew in law , cousin in law and the other in laws .. It was free”

“Some women are born to cheat no matter how you treat them…..” more comments came in.

“To waste your time and resources on a woman(girlfriend or wife) is the most useless decision a man will ever make. That is a good lesson next time you try it again he will kill u why should he be arrested?”

“We need to amend some parts of our constitution. Why arrest”

Some of the comments suggested the man should have turned his attention on the other man bonking his wife.

“Why didn’t the man beat the other man who was sleeping with his wife but rather his wife? if u catch a thief stealing your property do you beat the thief or your property.”

“It means the man doesn’t love his wife. hence the woman’s decision to find it elsewhere.”

“And he is arrested? Anyway he should not beaten her”

Source: MyNewsGH.com/ Stephen Zoure

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