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Roman Polanski Accused of Raping French Actress Back in 1975

A French actress is accusing Roman Polanski of raping her back in 1975.

Valentine Monnier told Le Parisien that she was allegedly raped by the 86-year-old director at a ski chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland when she was 18-years-old, Variety


Roman is not facing legal action in France over the allegations since the country has a 20-year statue limitation, but Valentine says she was moved to speak out after the release of Roman

‘s new movie J’Accuse.

“Rape is a time bomb. The memory does not fade,” Valentine shared with the French publication. “It becomes a ghost and it follows you, and it changes you insidiously. I denounce this crime knowing that there can’t be any punishment, in an attempt to end exceptions, impunity. Public figures are being considered as models. By sacralizing the guilty ones, we prevent people from realizing the serious consequences of their acts.”

Roman‘s French attorney Hervé Témime told Le Parisien that the director denies Valentine‘s allegations.

If you don’t know, Roman was arrested in 1977 for rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, and lewd and lascivious acts upon a child under 14. Roman plead “guilty,” but fled the country.

Roman has been living in exile in France since 1978 before he could be sentenced in the case.