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Norman Reedus Reflects On His ‘Walking Dead’ Run on ‘The Late Show’ – Watch Here!

Norman Reedus stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night (October 30) and dished about his long run on The Walking Dead.

The 50-year-old actor discussed the series and his character, Daryl Dixon, which he has played since the show’s debut on AMC in 2010.

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“Like Norman and Daryl, I have the ghost of these characters and these people that I met that I started the show with. So as my character’s progressed, I find myself, Norman, on set with, you know, on-set behavior,” Norman

shared. “And Daryl trying to make decisions like, ‘What would Rick do? What would Hershel do?’ So I sort of carry the weight of them with me, I think.”

Norman Reedus said he kept [Andrew] Lincoln‘s beard and [Scott] Wilson‘s ponytail from set and stores them in his refrigerator. He said Hershel’s fake head and Daryl’s crossbow are in the Smithsonian museum: “[My crossbow] is right next to Rocky Balboa’s gloves and his Italian Stallion robe,” he said.

The Walking Dead was renewed for an 11th season this month ahead of its Season 10 premiere.