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REVEALED: Fred Pappoe had 6 votes because of ‘links’ to NDC

Details are emerging about how the hitherto promising chances of Fred Pappoe, one of the heavy contenders for the position of Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, wittled down to a humiliating walloping  due to rumours of NDC support for him.

Some delegates of the GFA told MyNewsGh.com that although they like Pappoe personally, his affiliation with former Sports Minister and Odododiodio NDC MP, Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye was a putoff. 

He also did not share enough money, compared to other contenders, including the eventual winner, Kurt Okraku who had a good message but who also housed delegates in expensive hotels and ‘motivated’ them monetarily to vote.

“Football people do not generally like Nii Lante, so I expected Pappoe to know better. It is not politics, but we all know how these things work.”…. twitter check….

“Fred Pappoe paaa how did expect to win the tough election with Nii Lante’s support? People have an axe to grind with Nii Lante and for NDC, it is a no no.” Another added.

Fred Pappoe pulled out of the presidential election after amassing just six votes in the first round.

Despite being eligible to contest for the second round, the former Vice President of the FA decided to pull out of the race making way for the first three candidate to contest. Kurt Okraku eventually emerged winner.

Even after polling 6 votes, Fred Pappoe earned plaudits for not only withdrawing from the run off but also being the only loser who stayed behind to vote and help in the rest of the process.

Saddick Adams Obama wrote:

“Massive respect to this man Fred Pappoe. Other losing candidates left. He has stayed back voting in every round. He will be so much needed in a lot capacities in the new FA.”

Source: MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/ 2019

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