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Kristen Stewart Gushes About Two of Her Favorite Actresses

Kristen Stewart looks stunning on one of three covers for Stellar‘s 150th issue, honoring strong women of the screen!

Here’s what the 29-year-old Snow White and the Huntsman actress had to share with the mag:

On overcoming the scrutiny that came with her appearance in the blockbuster Twilight films – and learning to balance her private and public lives:

“It’s a lot about relinquishing control. I’m really not worried about anything that might happen. The worst thing is that I could fall on my face anywhere, and listen, it’s really not that bad when people fall down. It doesn’t matter. It’s gotten a lot easier for me to not take it too seriously and not feel, like, immense pressure while talking to people. It’s not scary anymore because I actually see how cool it is that I get to connect with so many people.”

On Jodie Foster, a mentor and early co-star in 2002’s Panic Room: “She’s sort of anti-Hollywood and not in the way that is remotely disdainful; it’s that her sensibilities are so uniquely creative and singular. I love her. If we had to represent the human race to an alien planet, I have a shortlist and it would be Cate Blanchett and Jodie Foster who would need to go up and represent us [laughs].”

On the original 1970s Charlie’s Angels television series being seen as either a revolutionary show for women or a voyeuristic show for men: “I have no conflicted feelings by saying that I think some of the most beautiful stories are told about women by men. But there is just a distinctly different gaze in Liz’s perspective. It’s really rad that we’re starting to value a diversified perspective because we’ve been missing out on so many incredible stories… Women want to look sexy and want to look sexy to each other. It’s totally independent of sexualizing it – you can still run around in your underwear as long as you’re the one owning that. There was something really aspirational watching Cameron Diaz dancing around in her underwear [in 2000’s Charlie’s Angels]. I want the movie to be a lot more than that, but at the same time just repossessing beauty in this way is really only available to us now.”

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Also pictured inside: Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke and Terminator‘s Linda Hamilton.