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Zedd Says He’s ‘Permanently Banned’ from China – Here’s Why

Zedd says that he has been “permanently banned” from China after he liked a tweet about the South Park episode that criticized the censorship by the Chinese government.

The 30-year-old DJ and music producer took to Instagram

to share the message.

“I just got permanently banned from China because I liked a @southpark tweet,” Zedd wrote. He later added, “Just to clarify, this is NOT a joke. The government informed our promoters that if they don’t cancel my scheduled shows in China they would pull their cultural permits.”

Zedd‘s publicist confirmed the news to CNBC, saying, “This is true, yes, but we don’t have anymore info to give you at this time.”

The news comes just days after South Park was scrubbed from the internet in China following the airing of the “Band in China” episode.

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