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Akufo-Addo’s fight against corruption: Manasseh issues “Deception Alert”

Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has issued what he terms as a ” Deception Alert” ahead of the President’s planned speech on the fight against corruption in his government at the 2019/2020 Annual General Conference of the Ghana Bar Association.

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Manasseh who recently aired a documentary on corruption
titled “Contracts for Sale” on alleged corruption at the Public Procurement
Authority (PPA), believes that the government is not committed to the fight
against corruption.

He has likened the President to the ‘Chief Clearing Agent’
of the Republic who has cleared all persons involved in the Australian Visa
Scandal even though the said did scandal happen.

The President is scheduled to address the Bar Conference in
Takoradi later today. He shall be focusing on strides made by his government in
the fight against corruption.

Read the full text of his statement below;

Dear Lawyer attending the Bar Conference in Takoradi,

I hear the President will, this morning, extol the virtues
of his government in the fight against corruption at your annual conference. If
you ever get close to his ear in the course of the conference, whisper to him
some questions for me.

Remind him that I brought his attention to a fraudulent and
unconscionable deal between Zoomlion and the government that cost the nation
more than ONE BILLION, SIX HUNDRED MILLION GHANA CEDIS between 2013 and 2019
without any written agreement. Ask him why he and his party called the contract
fraudulent, while in opposition, but when they took over the running of the
nation, they renewed it without a written agreement. Ask the President why he
failed to act even though I brought this to his attention. Ask him why he and
his party campaigned with this remnant of the GYEEDA scandal but continued it
after winning power?

And if you ever get close to the Attorney General and
Minister of Justice, Gloria Akuffo, ask her this question for me: one of the
angles I explored in my “Robbing the Assemblies” investigative
documentary series in 2017 was the fact that government officials in the
previous regime fraudulently paid over 200 Million Ghana Cedis to Zoomlion and
its sister companies for fumigation, which the assemblies were already paying
Zoomlion to undertake. There’s no evidence work done at the assemblies’ level
where the contract was to be executed. Ask the Attorney General why, after two
years, and with the dossier of evidence submitted by the Police CID to her
Department, nothing has been done?

Did the President swear to protect the public purse and the
general interest of Ghanaians or he swore to shield individuals and businesses
whose fraudulent deals have hurt and continue to destroy this country?

Ask the President to tell you whether there were spirits
from heaven or hell who descended here and committed the Australian visa
scandal. All the officials have been exonerated and cleared by the Chief
Clearing Agent of Republic. But the offence was committed. So how does such a
government convince lawyers, the class of people considered to be the most
enlightened in our society, that it is committed to the fight against

I know the Office of the Special Prosecutor may come up as
his biggest achievement and weapon in the fight against graft. Dear lawyer, if
it does, remember the story of a king who gave his beautiful daughter to the
most handsome and well-built young man in the country to marry. After the
fanfare that accompanied the marriage, he dispossessed the young man of his
manhood. Ask the president how useful that marriage is, especially when the
fiercely outspoken man dispossessed of his six-inch mini cobra, mysteriously,
keeps blaming everyone for his inability to consummate the marriage, but
exonerates the king who dispossessed him of is prized asset.

There’s a lot to say, but let’s leave it here. This is meant to be just a “Deception Alert” from a concerned friend  of the “learned”. Share it, and encourage your colleagues to listen to the president’s anti-corruption sermon with cotton wool in both ears. Scientists say it prevents political flu.

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Yours sincerely,

Manasseh Azure Awuni

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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