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Ava DuVernay Joins Her ‘When They See Us’ Cast at Netflix FYC Event!

Ava DuVernay keeps it bright in green while hitting the red carpet at the premiere For Your Consideration event for her Netflix series When They See Us held at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot on Sunday (August 11) in Hollywood.

The 46-year-old writer-director-producer stepped out in support of the series, which is about the Central Park Five, and has been the most watched series on Netflix

for each of the days it has been available.

Ava joined the cast Jharell Jerome, Niecy Nash, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Asante Blackk, Aunjanue Ellis, Ethan Herisse and Caleel Harris, as well as composer Kris Bowers.

On what made her the most scared of getting wrong while portraying the Exonerated Five in When They See Us: “Just the men — it was really just the men. My mission every single day — in the writing, the direction, every line of dialogue that I wrote, every choice — I wanted the guys to love it,” Ava recently expressed (via Variety). “I want them to feel like it’s really them; I want them to look at this and be proud and let their stories be told that were taken from them at 14 years old and they were never able to get back. For all those years, people thought they were one thing that they weren’t, and so I just wanted them to look at me and say, ‘You did it.’ And they watched it, and when it was over, the lights came up and they all turned around and looked at me. Their eyes were bloodshot red and soaked, and they encircled me. I was just in the middle of all of them, and they hugged me, and we all cried. And they said, ‘You did it.’ It was beyond what they thought it could be. So honestly, what else do you need?”

Ava DuVernay recently took to social media to celebrate the big audience the show has received. Read her statement here.