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Residents of Mariville Homes in Nungua want increased police protection

Residents of Mariville Homes, an estate complex located along the Teshie-Manet Link Road in Nungua, are calling for increased police protection as robbery attacks on households there have become rampant.

They say that they live in constant fear due to the activities of these robbers in the vicinity, as it has become a weekly occurrence.

Upon paying a visit there, Citi News’ Akosua Ofewaa Opoku, discovered that a recent attempt by a group of robbers turned sour as the miscreants were apprehended by the security officers at the next group of homes, Genesis Estates, they attempted to rob.

One of the residents of the Juteville Estates within the Mariville Homes, a pastor, whose home was one of the successful casualties, narrated the ordeal to Citi News.

“In the early hours of Tuesday, the 16th of July, I was asleep with my wife in the bedroom. When she woke up around 4 am, she realised that our windows were open and a lot of personal effects had been taken away from the bedroom. I realised that they actually tried coming through the windows downstairs. they cut through our burglar proof.”

“They had special clippers which didn’t make any noise. But I think it took them longer so they realised it was going to be useless trying to cut all the burglar-proof to come in so they looked for the easy access and you could see the top of the building didn’t have burglar-proof. We thought we didn’t need burglar-proof up there because it’s quite far from people. But definitely, thieves get smarter each time so they got a ladder that could actually get them closer to the window, and to which they made their way. And so I told my wife we had to run to the police station, the Manet Police Station, and report.”

From the Juteville Estates, the gang of robbers headed to the Genesis Estate where the officers on duty managed to give them a hot chase.

The leader of the Genesis Estates security guards, John Anaba, popularly known as ‘Lion’, narrated to Citi News how his crew managed to grab one of the robbers.

“There’s a guy living here called Wisdom. So Wisdom woke up at dawn that day around 3am and saw two guys standing there. When Wisdom asked them what they were looking for there, they told Wisdom that if he didn’t keep quiet, they would stab him with a knife they were holding. So there was nothing he could do because he was alone. So he ran to the security post and met one of the guards on duty, Mohammed, and told him everything. So Mohammed took his motorbike, went to the main security post and called another guard there, Francis, to join him. So while riding outside the estates, past Kidi College, they saw the guys ahead walking and conversing. So when the two guys saw Mohammed and Francis, they started to run but they managed to chase one of them and took him to the police station,” he added.

At the time of filing this report, the apprehended robber had been processed for court and had made his first appearance.

The residents of Mariville Homes only hope that this eventually leads to his prosecution as a means to bring to an end these recurrent robberies.

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