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I will soon catch up with you – Amidu warns LOOTERS

Ghana’s Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu has warned that he will go after persons who have looted the state as part of his duties.

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“As for
those who have already looted or are now looting or intend to do so, I will
soon catch up with them. That is why the Office of the Special Prosecutor
issued the last warning pointing to its powers of enforcement but regrettably
inexperienced lawyers and others who did not make a thorough reading of the
statement refused or failed to grasp its real import result ing in their
fruitless labour in trying to remind me with my vast experience and years as a
lawyer of the very powers I had already clearly referred to in the statement”,
he warned in his latest epistle sighted by MyNewsGh.com.

stated in the strongest terms that he cannot be compromised in this anti-corruption
war which is what instills fear in the opponents of exposing corruption and those
people who want to see his back through resignation or removal.

The Former Attorney General stressed “I will continue to defend the Constitution and will not keep quiet. I will write about those protecting the practitioners of corruption so that the public will be adequately informed to support the Office when it catches up with them. I will continue to perform the duties of my Office in accordance with the Constitution and the law, without fear or favour affection or ill will, no matter who is suspected of committing the crime of corruption under my watch.

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is going to push or make me jump from the challenges of fighting public office
corruption unless the Supreme Court declares the provisions of the Act under
which I was appointed unconstitutional, I am impeached or I become convinced
beyond a reasonable doubt that the mutual promises and undertakings made with
me at my nomination to fight the canker of corruption were not intended to be
actualized in practice”

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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