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Reginae Carter Upsets Fans By Getting Back Together With YFN Lucci – See The Video

Reginae Carter made her fans upset with her latest move. As some assumed a while ago, she’s back together with YFN Lucci after she broke up with him a little while ago.

Nae’s fans were thrilled that she finally dumped the young rapper who they were saying that doesn’t deserve her.

Fans have been begging Nae to forget about him and move on, and for a day or two, she really seemed to have done exactly that.

But now, a video shows that these two are back together and fans are really angry with Nae.

Someone said that Nae is ‘Embarrassing her momma after she said PERIOD’

One follower wrote: ‘This why you gotta beef with him In private, so if you decide to take him back nobody will call you stupid’

One person said: ‘At this point, Wayne and Toya need to put her in solitary confinement. Because, what are you doing sis?!’

Another commenter wrote: ‘This is gonna end with her pregnant…I hope not but I have no faith in her common sense at this point.’

Someone defended Nae and said: ‘So many people saying “I lost all respect for her”… I highly doubt that she cares. Unfollow her and keep it moving. Lmao. She’s 20, Everybody acting like they made the most perfect decisions when they were young. She’s got to live and learn just like y’all do. Honestly y’all sound like clowns.’

One person wrote: ‘A lot of women in this comment section older than Reginae running back to ’

Just recently, Nae told her fans and followers on social media that she is happier than she’s ever been.