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#WAI: Concerned citizen shames foreign national for littering Tema Motorway [Video]

The man who shamed a foreign national for littering on the Tema Motorway hopes his actions will serve as a positive example for other Ghanaians.

Kofi Amoah, who describes himself as passionate about the environment, has taken it upon himself to police his surroundings.

This is what led to him chasing after a car on the motorway this past weekend to make sure the man involved walked back to pick up the bottle he had littered the road with.

“I have travelled the world and how will you do that in any developed country,” he said of the man’s littering on the motorway.

“Every time I am riding [my motorbike] or I am driving, the cameras are rolling to see how we are making Ghana better or worse,” Kofi Amoah remarked on the Citi Breakfast Show.

“What we want to let Ghanaians know is that we can make Ghana better if we want to. Traveling across the world, we have realized that it is all about attitude and if we bring it down to Ghana, there is so much we are missing out on.”

Kofi Amoah also said he believed sacrifice is key to his efforts to overcome the indiscipline which leaves him “boiling with anger”.

But he adds that his efforts get little support from law enforcement.

“I know the risk involved but the thing is when we tell the police, you don’t see them active. You don’t really see their action.”

He further sent out an invitation to the Sanitation Minister, Cecilia Dapaah, asking for a meeting on the matter.

“I pray the minister will give me 10 minutes of her time and we will see change because I don’t know what they are doing there,” he said.

When our attitudes stink..those who come to work in the country copy same.The Accra Tema Motorway was not constructed to be reduced to a flying tipping zone.One person started littering it and now everyone is.We all have a role to play to keep the motorway Clean.This Video I made today after 5pm. The man just rolled the window in the air conditioned van and started littering the motorway. This Nonsense must stop! It is unedited and raw. I am angry and harsh with No apology! Attitudes must change now! Share this video and let it be a warning that next time we will not be this gentle.. Our collective Health should be everyone’s concern. A sick environment results in a sick people.#WAIBy the way there will be a special edition with a compilation of similar situations caught on camera on the Reporter, TV Africa Weeknights 6.30pm.

Posted by Amoahs Amoah on Thursday, June 20, 2019

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