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I Just Hope There’s A Special Place In Hell For Yoruba Men – Feminist Rants Bitterly

Feminist rants bitterly after her friend gets dumped by a Yoruba man after 5 years of being together.

“I just hope there’s a special place in hell for Yoruba men,” she said after her friend almost committed suicide because her abusive boyfriend broke off their relationship. The feminist took to twitter to rant and tell the story of her friend who got heartbroken by her Yoruba boyfriend.

Read her tweets below..

My friend almost committed suicide because of one stupid Yoruba man.

5 fucking years and you told her you don’t see any future with her. What have you been seeing all these years??

She changed so many things about herself to please you. Gave up her dream career cuz you don’t like it. She lost so many friends because you don’t want them around for reasons best known to you. Not to talk of how many times she forgave your cheating ass

You turned her to a punching bag ? 5 years of enduring your bullshit and this is what she gets?? The only offense she committed was loving you

Days when you’ll offend her and she will still be the one apologizing for cuz she cherished the relationship. She can’t even live for herself

She once went all the way from Ibadan to Ilorin and she met a girl in your house. She had to sleep in a church that night. She still forgave u

I’m ashamed to mention this but she had countless abortions for you cuz you’re not ready to be a father neither are you ready to use protection. She treated STDs so many times all thanks to you! She risk her life for you and you still have the nerve to do this to her??

All these times that she will be smiling for us, never knew she was dying inside. We still spoke yesterday and I never suspected that something was wrong with her. She was ashamed to tell anyone ?

I just thank God what she took didn’t kill her.

Please my Queens, no man worths taking your happiness away. If it’s not working, Gbe body e