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Two more suspects face court over kidnapping of Canadian women

Two more suspects have been arraigned in connection with the kidnapping of the two Canadian women.

The two, Safianu Abubakari and Abdul Rahman Suleman who were part of the eight persons arrested by the National Security during the rescue of the Canadians have also been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping.

Safianu Abubakari who has been linked with the crime is said to be a close associate of one the masterminds of the kidnapping while Abdul Rahman Suleman is the owner of the Toyota Corolla vehicle used for the operation.

The prosecution in explaining the reasons the two persons were not brought with the initial six last week said, the accused persons were initially granted police enquiry bail but were later rearrested in other not to interfere with ongoing investigations.

The two have since denied knowledge of the crime.

Abdul Rahman Suleman told the High Court that he had no knowledge of what his vehicle was going to be used for, while  Safianu Abubakari said he was only arrested because of a Facebook picture he took with one of the accused persons.

The two have since been remanded into BNI custody and are expected to return on the 1st of July.

Eight suspects made up of five Ghanaians and three Nigerians were arrested in connection with the kidnapping of the two Canadian women and later flown to Accra for further investigations.

It came after Canadian authorities collaborated with local police to rescue the girls.

It later emerged that the kidnappers of the two Canadian women in the Ashanti Region last week demanded an $800,000 ransom from families of the victims.

Kidnapping operation 

On June 4, 2019, the suspects were said to have rented a vehicle, a Toyota Corolla and went into a search for a victim.

While roaming the town, they came across these two Canadians who had just sat in an Uber.

They followed the Uber and accosted the victims at the hostel where they were residing.

After seizing the two Canadians, the prosecutor said, they drove the victims to an uncompleted building in Kumasi and got in touch with their family members and decided to ask for an $800,000 ransom.

The prosecution added that while discussing the ransom, the security had the intelligence and went in to rescue the Canadians.