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‘I Will Stop Acting And Start Winning Souls For Christ’ — Tracy Boakye Reveals

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Img 5740

Actress Tracy Boakye has revealed that very soon she will stop acting as well as the ashawobrity life she’s been leading on social media to join Majid Michel in preaching the word of God.

‘‘Very soon I will be preaching the Bible, very soon people will see Evangelist Tracy Boakye. I will gladly accept the calling to do God’s work because he has blessed me so much, if not for him, I wouldn’t have reached this feat.”

The actress added that Ghanaians should not be surprised when they see her with her Holy Bible preaching the word of God because she is a staunch Christian.

“I’m a staunch Christian who is very powerful. Don’t judge me by my appearance, I’m a good person who doesn’t indulge in an unholy lifestyle. God wouldn’t have blessed me if I’m a bad person’, she said.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com