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Fisheries Ministry defends different closed season for trawlers

Fishing Trawler
Fishing Trawler

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture development has justified its decision to push the closed season for fishing trawlers to August and September.

Some fisherfolk had questioned why trawlers are being allowed to operate during the closed season which began on Wednesday.

The closed season is aimed at allowing the depleting fish stock to replenish.

Fishermen at the Busomtwi-Sam Fishing Habour in Sekondi complained to Citi News that the trawling vessels usually operated by the Chinese nationals are still in operation.

But the Ministry explained that the trawlers’ closed season has been shifted to August and September.

The Chief Director of the Ministry, Prof. Francis Nunoo reminded that whilst the closed season only began in 2019 for fisherfolk, trawlers have had a closed season since 2016.

The trawlers’ closed season used to be between January and March but it was moved to the peak period of reproduction of the fish stock.

“This year, the trawlers have agreed to have their closed season from 1st August to 30th September and we think that is very important and is very critical to help the stock to rebuild,” prof. Nunoo said.

He also said the Ministry is so far impressed with the commitment to the closed season.

“So far we have been impressed. Compliance has been very high and our monitoring indicates that quite a lot of people have accepted this and I want to pat all the fishermen on their back for this.”

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