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MFWA finds ‘safe haven’ for Manasseh Azure after death threats

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Manasseh 300x185

Founder of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), Professor Kwame Karikari, says the foundation has provided a safe place for journalist, Manasseh Azure, outside the country following threats on his life.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Tuesday, Professor Karikari said although the threat on Manasseh’s life started after the militia documentary they cannot confirm that the threat is coming from the video.

“Based on the country’s record with press freedom in the Fourth Republic, we would want to believe that these issues with Manasseh have nothing to do with the government,” he said.

Prof. Karikari told Umaru Sanda on Eyewitness News that: “The Media Foundation got wind of the threat on Manneseh’s life. We interviewed him and he confirmed the threat. We also got confirmation from his employer, CEO of Multimedia, Kwesi Twum.”

“For over a week, Mr. Kwesi Twum and his company were hiding Manasseh from place to place in hope to prevent the threat from getting to him but because the threats were not subsiding and was just getting worse, the Media Foundation decided to find a safe haven for him outside the country for a certain period of time with hope that things get better and he can return to the country and be safe,” Prof. Karikari added.

Manasseh Azure’s life came under threat after he produced a documentary titled militia in the heart of the nation.

The documentary claimed a pro-government militia group was being trained at the former seat of government, the Christiansburg Castle; a claim government disputed.

Professor Karikari also stated that the decision to find a safe place for Manasseh was solely the Foundation’s with no request from Multimedia where the journalist works.

“The company didn’t come to us for any assistance. We decided based on our own communication with Manasseh that it might be useful for him to get out of the country,” he added.

Manasseh’s lawyer

Samson Lardy Anyenini, the lawyer for Manasseh Azure, confirmed that his client received death threats and was flown out of the country.

“Multimedia did not need to give approval for Manasseh’s relocation because the situation had got to a stage that the steps taken by MFWA and the National Security Minister needed to be taken,” he told Umaru Sanda on Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

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