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Bongo MP demands compensation for families of drowned children

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Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Constituency, Isaac Adongo wants the contractor working on the Bolga-Soe One-Village-One-Dam project in the Upper East Region to compensate families of three children who drowned in the dam.

According to him, the deaths are due to the contractor’s negligence to provide safety signs and markings at the project site.

The deceased, Ayinsone Ayine, Dominic Akurugu and Raphael Aduko between the ages of seven to 10 years on Monday, 29th April, 2019 got drowned in the poorly constructed Bolga-Soe dam.

Speaking to Citi News after commiserating with the deceased families in Bolga-Soe, Mr. Adongo appealed to the government to get the contractor to correct the shoddy work done and compensate the families of the deceased children.

“There are no safety signs and markings to warn persons around the project site to stay off dangerous portions of the dam and If there were safety signs and markings, these children would have stayed away from danger. Health and safety have completely been ignored at the project site and the contractor must be brought to book because he is being paid for safety signs till the project is completed and handed over for use”.

He appealed to government to desist from awarding such projects to amateur contractors who do not have regard for health and safety measures.

The construction of the dam is yet to be completed.

Mr. Adongo presented a cheque of GHC1,000.00 each to the three bereaved families who lost their children in the dam.

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