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Ghana Battalion in Lebanon holds Foot drill competition

Ghana Battalion In Lebanon Holds Foot Drill Competition 7 300x200
Ghana Battalion In Lebanon Holds Foot Drill Competition 7 300x200

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Ghana Battalion 85 has held a Foot Drill Competition at its camp in Al-Qawzah, Lebanon. The competition held among its companies was aimed at promoting the spirit of healthy competition and teamwork.

Foot and Rifle Drills provide the fundamental basis for building esprit de corps, teamwork and general military discipline worldwide.

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The Deputy Sector West Commander, Col Stephen Ryans congratulated the troops for an immaculate turn-out and a spectacular display of drill.

He added that drill was the foundation of all military discipline that brings out the best in a soldier. Col Ryans also praised the troops for their continuous hard work and professional posture in maintaining peace and security in Southern Lebanon.

Guests were treated to a spectacular display of foot drill, rifle exercises and other entertaining stunts. In all, four companies participated with the Headquarters Company being adjudged the overall winner. The second place went to Charlie Company, third position was taken by Bravo Company while Alpha Company placed fourth.

The GHANBATT Band and a Special Force all-female contingent also took some awards for their participation in the drill display.

The competition which is first of its kind in the peacekeeping theatre was well attended by both military and civilian staff serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Mayors and Religious Leaders in Southern Lebanon.

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