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A/R: Artisans call on gov’t to fix roads before relocation to new site

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Kumasi Independence Day 4 300x169

Artisans in the Ashanti Region have asked for government’s support in developing a 300-acre land which they have acquired.

This move is to help reduce congestion in the region especially in the areas they operate.

Some road users around the Suame Magazine complain of heavy vehicular traffic due to the activities of the artisans and have been calling for them to be relocated.

The artisans also complain of not having places to use in engaging in their activities.

They have therefore acquired land at Adense and Abura in the Kwabre East Municipality to serve as a location for the over 3,000 members including food sellers.

The artisans want the government to fix the road leading to the site.

They are also appealing to the government to provide them with electricity in order for their members to be attracted to move to the area to engage in their activities there.

National Chairman of the Artisans Association, Osei-Assibey said their businesses in Ghana are collapsing because most of their members do not have places to operate.

He is therefore of the view that an intervention from Government will help them settle and engage in their businesses effectively.

“Now the artisan business is collapsing. The master craftsmen also don’t have places to use in engaging in their businesses. We have about three thousand acres of land here. We would like the government to support us. We need electricity and good road network here to facilitate our work.”

In an interview with Citi News, Queen mother of Adense, Nana Ama Asantewaa Yeboah, also made a call on the government to fix their roads to facilitate the work of the artisans.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Elizabeth Agyemang and the Municipal Chief Executive of Kwabre East, Osei Assibey Bonsu who visited the site on Friday said artisans must show more commitment by starting their operations to attract government’s support.

“They shouldn’t worry about electricity because there is a village close by. It has electricity so it is easier to bring electricity to this place. The most important thing is for them to start building. Let us see what you are doing so if somebody comes to see what you are doing, and you don’t have money, they can push in some money but in this forest here, they cannot come and support you, “the Deputy Minister stated.

The Artisans have also extended the call to the private sector and other foreign investors to support them.

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